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Content Management System

A Content Management System, also known as CMS, is a collection of procedures used to manage your online work flow for your website.

You can administrate the content of your website by yourself or maintain your web application and the database from your personal administrator panel.

This systems are used for online:

We offer a full set of procedures that can make your website or web application more easy to use and administrate.

Our in-house developed product, TCMS, is easy to use and is customizable with your company logo, colors, needs, features.

TCMS gives you also the possibilty to organize third-party buttons for advertizing on your own website. On the 'commercial' button space on the left and the right side of the content part of the website is used to sell to the members of the ANTR Association. The actual time a button is visible can be adjust to the price level of the button, making 'more expensive' and 'less expensive' buttons a possibility. The top buttons expose longer than the bottom buttons and generate more views.